Wytwórnia Przyczep Warsztat Ślusarki STOLORZ is a company with many years of tradition in the field of metalworking. As a result of the development of our company, we would like to offer you profile processing services on a modern machining center. The main features of our machining center: The main features of our machining center:

  • 4-axis machining center for aluminum, plastic and thin-walled steel profiles,
  • Maximum dimensions of processed profiles: 645 x 250 x 7600 mm
  • All machining processes, such as milling, drilling and threading, take place on a stationary profile, thanks to which high accuracy and repeatability of machining is obtained,
  • Smooth machining with all tools from 0 ° – 180 °


We also provide other metalworking services. Details in the service tab. Details in the service tab